“I’m sorry your honour ……. I didn’t know about it”  

Recent legislation such as the CDM Regulations (Construction Design and Management) and the DDA Regulations (Disability Discrimination Act) means that you now have a statutory duty of care under the law to ensure that your company complies with the requirements of the Regulations. “Ignorance is not a defence”.

These regulations can appear a little daunting at first site, but when broken down they are simply applying a common sense approach to the way in which medium and large projects are carried out and also to ensure that where necessary designers build into the project adequate provision for dealing with disabled people in such a way that they do not feel disadvantaged or discriminated against.

Similarly there have been long established legal requirements for you as the client to ensure that all local authority approvals such as Planning Approval and Building Regulations approval are dealt with in accordance with the requirements of the Law.

Our total approach to your project will include taking care of all of the above legal requirements on your behalf and our many many years of experience in dealing with these subjects means that you can rest assured that your legal obligations are being taken care of in a thorough skilled and professional way.


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