Ceiling Options 



Suspended Ceiling System



Ceiling Grid is a combination of 15mm and 24mm steel metal interlocking sections connected together to form the openings for ceiling tiles. The metal channels are formed in the shape of an upside down ‘T’ which is usually finished with a white paint to match the ceiling tiles in situ. The T bars are supported at various intervals by a suspension mechanism that is usually galvanized wire.

Wet Felt Ceiling Tiles are the principal suspended ceiling solution used in offices, schools, hospitals, retail units and many other non-domestic buildings. They are manufactured using stonewool, glasswool and wet felted mineral wool.

Soft Fibre Ceiling Tiles are mineral fibre ceiling products manufactured with a high proportion of mineral wool and finished with a painted laminated scrim decorative facing. They are therefore more porous and lower in density than 'Wet Felt' mineral wool types and the result is the tiles have very high sound absorption.



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