Frameless Partitioning 

The design possibilities are endless with our frameless glazed partitioning. You can create spectacular environments and realise your creative vision without compromising on performance. Because all of the components are fully engineered and specifically built to work in harmony, they deliver the performance requirements your project needs. Polar partitions are stylish and allow light to permeate the space. They create inspirational environments where collaborative working and creativity can flourish. Polar provides transparent effective shielded office zones where concentration and privacy can be maintained.


Polar Single Glazed



Polar single glazed partitioning creates an impression of space, effectively providing shielded office zones promoting concentration and creativity.

Available in either straight striking lines, faceted or the most graceful curves, Polar single glazed minimalist form is designed with the minimum of components, thus facilitating speed of erection without compromising structural stability and rigidity. The patented bubble joint ensures a virtually frameless system with no vertical posts between modules, corners or three way junctions.

Polar single glazed partitioning can be integrated with solid partitioning and with other partitioning systems through the use of optional head components.

Doors can be framed, frameless or sliding. Glazed doors can be single or double glazed. Doorframes can be aluminium, timber or MDF veneered. We have an extensive range of complementary ironmongery.




Polar Double Glazed



Double glazed Polar brings a sensational style to the division of any space. Providing an environment for both communicative and inspired work, its simplistic method of installation, relocatability and powerful acoustic properties make it an intelligent option.

The bubble joint and discreet mullions, or ‘ghost posts’, and framework of double glazed Polar combine contemporary aesthetics, elegance and durability.

Double glazed Polar can be integrated with solid partitioning systems through the use of optional head components.

It is a tried and tested solution that creates a stunning look in any working environment.

Doors can be single glazed, double glazed or timber. All doors are framed in either aluminium or timber.




Polar 100



A truly integrated and versatile solution combining single glazed, double glazed and solid elements.

The recessed perimeter framing accepts both glazed and solid components and matches with the glazed to solid junctions.  This allows architecturally desirable shadow gaps to be maintained throughout.

The multi-function, single action door frame may be incorporated within glazed or solid runs and can house timber and glass doors.


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