Showrooms & Receptions

"Did you know that in any situation …….. you have 20 seconds to make a first impression!"

It’s not a lot of time is it, but research has shown this to be the case. It follows then that within the same timescale a customer visiting your company will have formed a "first impression!"

But it’s not only the visiting customer who we should consider but everyone and anyone who interacts in some way with our company will have formed an impression when they enter the Reception Area.

This important ‘Portal’ to the workplace can set the scene for what is to follow .... it will create an image and a mental picture of what the company is all about, what its values are, and what kind of culture exists for its workforce.

Receptions and Showrooms should stimulate the imagination and excite the senses with images of what is to come. At Roshal we are passionate about our designs and relish the opportunity to be creative with you.

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