Bespoke Reception Desks

"Like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise ….. the Reception Desk is the focal point for all who enter in"

Our Bespoke Reception Desks are exactly what they are .... Bespoke .... Tailor Made .... a one off design .... a unique piece of furniture just for you!

Designed and manufactured at our In house Joinery Manufacturing Facility, our Bespoke pieces are aesthetically exciting and with Functionality designed into fulfill the exact and precise requirements of your own operation. Your operation is quite likely to be unique in some way to you and therefore an "off the shelf" solution will never quite fit the bill. We take care to fully understand your functional requirements before we begin on the creative detail.

Our highly skilled designers will select from a whole range of materials and finishes using hardwood veneer, laminate panels, glass, granite, corian, stainless steel and acrylics. The end result will be a creation that is unique to you and you alone.

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