Warehouse Solutions

"Are you paying for your space …… or is your space paying for itself?"

You would be amazed and perhaps shocked to see how much wasted space has found it’s way into Warehouses throughout the country. Take a look around and see how much "Fresh Air" is lying around in your Racking and Shelving systems .... and understand that it is costing you money .... understand you are paying for it .... understand it’s coming straight off the bottom line!

Efficient storage and handling of your stock is paramount to the cost effective use of expensive floor space. No matter if we are talking Pallet Racking, Shelving or Mezzanine Floors, and whether or not you need close control of stock rotation or a F.I.F.O. system, the bare facts are that good planning and getting the right equipment is essential if you want to get the maximum value for money from your space.

Our Highly skilled team of Consultants and Installation Engineers have an enormous depth of experience in the industry and everything we design is in line with the S.E.M.A. code of practice, so you can rest assured that with a Roshal Installation your goods and your Warehouse staff are in very safe hands.

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