Lighting & Power

"Our Warehouse had only a minimum amount of Lighting …… and it was in the wrong place for our Racking System!"

Good lighting design is just as important as designing your Racking and Shelving so that you make best use of the available space. Areas of bulk storage may only require illumination levels of 350 lux, whereas in areas for order picking or packaging and marshalling there may well be a need for the illumination level to be nearer 500 lux. To meet these varying demands for light it will be necessary to design a mix of lighting units with different characteristics in running costs and light output; and of course Emergency Lighting must also be considered.

Similarly the requirements for power can vary considerably throughout the Warehouse from simple 13 Amp single phase to 3 phase isolated supplies for battery charging and compactors etc.

Whatever your needs, our highly skilled team of designers and consultants will ensure that the lighting and power is designed and installed to fulfill your requirements and will comply fully with the IEE Regulations and Building Regulations.

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